Tree Inventory at Greenlawn (Post updated January 2019 with NEW link)

Update Jan 2019: We have a NEW tree map!  The older one may still work for a bit longer but it is due to be taken offline in the near future.

Here’s our NEW Tree Inventory at Greenlawn .

This interactive map of Greenlawn Cemetery, Salem, MA, pinpoints the location of many specimens of trees.

Greenlawn as a Nature Reserve?

The BBC online published an interesting feature story today on the potential for city cemeteries to be nature reserves. The article offers some interesting food for thought on future possibilities for some areas of Greenlawn Cemetery.

With its ponds and diversity of trees, the cemetery already takes a step in this direction. Why not take it a step further?

Post your opinions here.

Postscript: Do we know if there are any bats at Greenlawn?