September 25 Meeting Notes

From Christine Lutts:

1. Pat Donahue, Maureen Jacoby, Lisa DuBreuil, Richard Stafford, Polly Wilbert, Ed Myskowski and Christine Lutts were present.

2. We discussed the progress and some further steps regarding Greenlawn Cemetery being on the National Register. Note this is a slow process, but progress is being made. We hope to get grants and or funding for Greenlawn thru this and or other opportunities.

3. Rich Stafford brought up membership. He also discussed the tapping of Maple trees for maple syrup and his past involvement with that thru Saltonstall school.

4. Pat brought up a tour of Greenlawn idea for November. What do you think should be on the tour? What weekend day and or date do you think is best?

5. Ed talked about his work on the history of Greenlawn. We look forward to his findings.

6. Maureen mentioned Nature Resources and was going to check into that and about getting some other people she knew to help us.


Remember we hold our monthly meeting the last Tuesday of every month at 6:30 at 5 Broad Street which is The Salem Council on Aging unless otherwise notified.

Meeting Notes: July 31st

1. Maureen Jacoby, Polly Wilbert, Pat Donahue & Christine Lutts were present.

2. We discussed the literature that Leslie, Lisa, and Pat collected on their recent visit to Mount Auburn Cemetery. The checklist of the birds of Mount Auburn Cemetery pamphlet is posted on our Friends of Greenlawn Facebook page for you all to see. They collected some great pamphlets and ideas for FOG. Thank you for going to check out Mount Auburn Cemetery, ladies. As a result, Charlie Lipson and some others are working on the “birds of Greenlawn.” Thanks again, everyone!

3. Polly Wilbert shared an outline she did of the National Register of Historic Places requirements. She also shared the entire National Register Bulletin, a perpetual care package about how and what to use to clean grave stones, etc., and the Master Plan for Walnut Hills Cemetery in Brookline, MA. We talked about coming up with our own FOG plan and breaking it down into high, medium, and low priority items. Great work, Polly! Thank you! Please think about this for our next meeting.

4. We still need to work on our mission statement: some thoughts so far…. We are a neighborhood group that is trying to help Greenlawn Cemetery get funding and or grants to help beautify, restore, and support Greenlawn Cemetery now and for the future. Please think about this for our next meeting. Thank you.

5. Our Beverly 4H group with Emily & Alex Enos and others, who are working on the tree identifying/labeling project, made the Salem News. Thank you to Jacqui Young Savarino for sharing the article on our Facebook page, Friends of Greenlawn! The article is below. We are already making a difference! Yay!

5. A local architect, Rick Jones, and a local historian, John Goff, are already offering to help us. We need to find out more details of our approach and plan before we can have people help us. We may have them come to a future meeting.

6. Pat Donahue, our chairperson of Friends of Greenlawn, is now on Salem’s Cemetery Commission! The Cemetery Commission is appointed by the Mayor. Now we have a direct link to the commission. Thanks, Pat!

Our next meeting is August 28th at 6:30 at the Salem’s Council on Aging, 5 Broad St. We hope to see you there!

Thank you all for being part of our Friends of Greenlawn! Find us on Facebook at Friends of Greenlawn, and at our website. Many thanks to Lisa and Leslie for the website!

[Notes from Christine Lutts. Thank you, Christine.]