A Call for Photographer Donations of Greenlawn

We are looking for photographers

The Friends of Greenlawn so appreciates all of the photographers that share the beauty and nature of Greenlawn on this Fb page.

We are asking for donations of your pictures for our picture cards we sell.

This would help support this beautiful haven you visit for birding etc. Once the Dickson Memorial Chapel is restored it will make money for the cemetery. We are currently woking on restoring stained glass windows on the third side of the Chapel.

Please consider helping through your photography passion and skills.

The pictures need to be 4X6. We would love flowers, birds, nature, trees and of course the Dickson Memorial Chapel. Please reach out to friendsofgreenlawn@gmail.com to arrange donating your photos.

Thank you for your support.

2 Comments on “A Call for Photographer Donations of Greenlawn

  1. I’ll have some more photos printed up for us to sell. New ones from last year and this year.. Charlie

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