Historic Salem is celebrating their 75th anniversary and you’re invited!



Historic Salem is celebrating 75 years of historic preservation within the city of Salem this year with an event at the Hawthorne Hotel this Sunday, June 2, 2019.  Since their inception 75 years ago, they have been helping groups like the Friends of Greenlawn and many others in our efforts to help restore and preserve Salem’s historic treasures so that they’re not lost forever.  Please join us in this celebration!

Event Details:

Date: Sun, June 2, 2019
Time: begins at 6:00PM
Where: Hawthorne Hotel, 18 Washington Sq W, Salem, MA
Cost: $75.00 per ticket for Historic Salem members & Christmas in Salem volunteers; $100.00 per ticket for non-members; tickets can be purchased through Historic Salem’s website here: https://www.historicsalem.org/hsi-75th-anniversary-celebration.html
More information: this is an event being hosted by Historic Salem, so they’re the best ones to contact if you have any questions about the event that have not been covered here or on their event page.  Their contact information can be found here: https://www.historicsalem.org/contact-us.html

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